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In The Rocks Brandy 

Branding, Packaging, 3D Modelling

Brief: To create a product that will raise money for La Marche, Italy. The product must be from the region, be a luxury piece of design and be sustainable. 

In The Rocks Brandy, a captivating apple brandy meticulously crafted and sourced in the breathtaking Sibillini Mountains of Le Marche. Inspired by a local legend of Sibillia, a mythical figure said to inhabit the mountain's cave, I embarked on a journey to create a brand that captured her essence while remaining distinctly tied to the region. This involved designing a 3D model of the brandy, developing a website, and crafting engaging social media posts. Moreover, all proceeds from the brandy sales were donated to the local community, specifically to support the recovery efforts from the 2017 earthquakes that impacted Le Marche. In The Rocks Brandy represents a harmonious blend of Sibillia's personality and the region's unique character, showcasing both artistry and a commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

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